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I'm attempting to set up a VPN from my Android phone to my home computer using pptpd on Ubuntu 12.10. I have so far done the following.

Setup a virtual NIC like this...

cat /etc/network/interfaces

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

auto eth0:0
iface eth0:0 inet static

and then configured pptpd like this... (commented line has been omitted to save space)

cat /etc/pptpd.conf
option /etc/ppp/pptpd-options

name pptpd

andreas         *       a5okg4b99               *

But all I get from syslog even with debug turned on is..

Apr  8 14:53:25 Ellit pptpd[19488]: MGR: connections limit (100) reached, extra IP addresses ignored
Apr  8 14:53:25 Ellit pptpd[19489]: MGR: Manager process started
Apr  8 14:53:25 Ellit pptpd[19489]: MGR: Maximum of 100 connections available

and when I finaly try to connect with my phone all it says is...

Apr  8 14:29:43 Ellit pptpd[25180]: MGR: dropped small initial connection

I don't realy know where to go from here... have I made and error in thinking that a virtual NIC will work and why can't I get any debug information even when I asked for it in the configurations?

EDIT: The last line when I try to connect seems to appear somewhat random, I can right now not reproduce it but I fairly sure it related to my connection attempt before and I have not changed anything from then. I'm starting to suspect that my Android ISP is blocking VPN but that would be... insane.

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We would need more information on your network topology to start attempting a resolution. Are you attempting to VPN in from a LAN connection or outside your LAN? If from the outside, do you have a public IP address or resolvable hostname? Are the the VPN ports open on your router? Is your machine running a DHCP server, which is required for VPN connections to work? – douggro Apr 28 '13 at 6:52
Sorry for my very late replay here and thank you for yours. First of all, I needed the VPN because my phone ISP blocked VOIP but without any announcement they stopped doing that... whoho. =) However, there is no firewalls or routers and both sides uses public IP's and the server has a working DNS name. That to say, I can look up the IP from the DNS name but probably not the other way around, was that necessary? – Aoaoaoappa Jun 12 '13 at 20:57

I had a similar problem. Basically, I found that commenting out require-mppe-128(#require-mppe-128) allows Android based devices to consistently connect to a PPTP based server.

That will however leave your connection unencrypted.

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