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I am aware that this has already been reported in various places, I've searched using the forum and the 'similar questions' but I've not seen any solutions as of yet. Hopefully this question will aid in identifying the issue and creating a fix and apologies if there is already a fix and I've missed it.

I recently updated 12.04 using the System Update manager, rebooted and system would crash within seconds of loading X Server. Sometimes with a generic "System Error" popup, and sometimes with nothing. I'm on a 64 bit machine with custom graphics drivers installed (this may be relevant as discussed below the error log output).

After 10 or so reboots I finally managed to get to the error by clicking on 'More Information' in a different pop-up.

Here is the output:

Executable Path - /usr/share/apport/apport-gpu-error-intel.py
Package - xserver-xorg-video=intel 2:2.17.0-1ubuntu4.3
Problem Type - crash 
Title - [sandybridge-gt1] GPU lockup render.IPEHR: 0x41c000000

Couldn't get to anything else before the system locked entirely and had to reboot.

I noticed in another question that the issue might be in relation to transparencies and I'm wandering if it's something to do with the proprietary nVidia graphics drivers installed rather than the generic graphics drivers. Maybe this wasn't tested prior to the release of the update?

Any thoughts or advice on where to go from here greatly appreciated, this is a mission critical machine so I'd like to avoid reinstalling the OS if I can as (99% sure?) that will overwrite the configuration of Apache etc.

Thanks and again, apologies, if any of this is duplicate information or has already been answered.

Cheers, Matt

UPDATE: I booted into Ubuntu but an older Linux kernal and all worked fine, issue is definitely with the kernal, which I assume means relates to drivers. Anybody know how to remove custom graphics drivers and reinstall the generic ones?

When I boot into the older kernal I just get 'unknown' drivers so no idea what it's actually running.

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