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I recently installed Ubuntu 12.10 on my PC since 12.04 felt super unstable this is a slight improvement.. any way when I start up my PC there are 2 Ubuntus in boot up that run the same OS nothing in difference, along with Windows Vista so there is something like this:

*Windows Vista
*Ubuntu  -
*Ubuntu  -

How can I just have one Ubuntu and please don't tell me i need to have everything obliterated! I don't want to remove Ubuntu all over again its super annoying and a pain.

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you can use easyBCD to delete your old ubuntu bootloader

  • just download and install it
  • after finish open the application and go to "edit boot menu" and you can see the bootloader exist in your pc
  • click your old (problem) ubuntu and delete it (make sure you delete the right ubuntu)
  • save it and restart your PC

now if there is no problem your bootloader will only just 2 (your vista & your ubuntu) Good luck

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