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I had libreoffice Version 3.X installed along with my Ubuntu version 11. After i did the upgrade to 12.04, my libreoffice behavior changed. I decided to upgrade tto Libre office 4X.

During the setup since i was getting errors on DEsktop Integration, i tried removing version 3 of Libreoffice.

This seems to have caused problem with some of Libreoffice files, which seems to be essential to run different application.

libreoffice-core- Depends libreoffice-common has unmet dependencies

Now, my Update Manager doesn't work and I having problems installing any new apps.

Is there a solution to fix this problem without having to re-install Ubuntu? I tried to do repair of libreoffice.. didn't work.

Cheers Anil Rao

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possible duplicate of Keeping up with LibreOffice – Eric Carvalho Apr 16 '13 at 18:27

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