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My service provider for my cellphone is blocking VOIP so I had planed to setup a VPN tunnel as a solution. I did that once before but back then my home connection was so slow that it was not meaningful. Now I have 100/100Mbit and thought I would try again. The problem I'm facing is that pptpd and maybe VPN in general assume that I have a LAN witch I don't. I guess I'm a bit confused about what the best solution would be, I could setup a LAN since I have a multi horned server but I would like to avoid that out of noise concern (Very small living area for the moment). Is there another way of doing achieving this? I was thinking about just trying to route the traffic directly and use my home computer as a gateway but I guess whatever block they have would still be effective, have also considered some proxy solution but I guess it has to be some encryption involved to obscure the traffic and in that case a VPN feels like a cleaner solution anyway.

I guess I just want some general tips about what would be the best solution to circumvent the block.

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I am not familiar with PPTP, so a bit uncertain in which way it assumes a LAN? I've used OpenVPN from mobile phone (Nokia N900 and N9), laptop (using either WLAN, ethernet or 3G), and regular desktop clients without problems, all running Ubuntu or other Linux. The server is running Debian on a really cheap VPS, with only one allocated IPv4 address. –  taneli Apr 7 '13 at 20:31

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