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I have attempted to install Skype using the skype website for Ubuntu 12.04, and it says that I have to open it with the software centre, so when I click on the file it says error.

I then followed instructions on how to install it using the terminal, which came up with errors. Although the skype application button came up when I searched the computer, when I clicked on it nothing came up.

The computer I'm using is a compaq presario F500.

Any suggestions as to why skype won't work or install?


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Can you please paste or type the error that you obtained in both the cases? – i08in Apr 7 '13 at 8:11

Open Ubuntu software Center, by clicking on the icon on the unity bar.

enter image description here

Once it opens, search for Skype, and click on Use This Source.

enter image description here

Wait a while, and then click on Install

enter image description here

Wait for the installation to finish, search for Skype in Dash, click on the icon and enjoy.

enter image description here

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