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My laptop's LCD broke and I removed it. Now I permanently added a monitor via HDMI. How can I set up Ubuntu 12.10 to only use and show the external monitor and disable the LCD?

Right now, I cannot permanently increase the monitors resolution and I guess this problem would disappear if I disabled the LCD display.

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You can switch off the LCD via Control Center:

  1. Open System Settings
  2. Go to Displays
  3. Make sure the button next to Mirror displays is not clicked
  4. Select LCD display, named Laptop
  5. Move button below from On to Off

enter image description here

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This worked. But when I close the lid on my laptop, it goes to sleep. This was not the case when I used VGA connector. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks. – umpirsky Jan 12 '14 at 19:53


gksu nvidia-settings

1) It will open a window. Select "X Server Display Configuration" from the list on the left side.

2) Click on "Detect Displays". It will detect the displays attached to your laptop

3) Now, click on the display corresponds to the laptop and in the Configuration, select the option "Disabled"

4) Click Apply. If you are satisfied with the result, click "Save to X configuration file" to make the changes permanent.

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I'm not sure about this. I am not using a Nvidia driver. Mine is an Intel 3000. – mcbetz Apr 6 '13 at 13:06
Can you please post the output of sudo lshw -C video – thefourtheye Apr 6 '13 at 18:50

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