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I have three physical NTFS drives on my machine (apart from SSD where Ubuntu is installed). Currently I use PySDM to auto mount them, although I'm not quite happy how it does it. I also have three users of my computer (me - Val, Joe, and Mary), and I want them to have different access rights to NTFS volumes.

Now I plan to try Ubuntu 13.04 when its released, and I know that as of 12.10 PySDM is deprecated.

My question is: how should I edit fstab (or anything else) to achieve the following:

  • NTFS1: bootable at start, full access (R/W) to all three users.
  • NTFS2: bootable at start, accessible R/W to me (Val) and R/O to user Joe.
  • NTFS2: bootable at start, accessible R/W to me only, and ideally invisible to other users (Joe and Mary).
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