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Can I upgrade my ubuntu 12.04 to version 12.10 on an acer aspire d270? It came with an Intel Atom N2600 CPU. Much thx in advance!

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If 12.04 works 12.10 will work too... they basically are the same at the moment (both get updates). – Rinzwind Apr 5 '13 at 13:16
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The only people who can say for certain are the people who have one.

You are in a position of power though: you could download the LiveCD/USB and boot to it. Yeah, it's 700MB and the time to burn to USB but it's the safest way to find out if your hardware is still supported; it'll give you a realistic idea of how well a new install or upgrade should work.

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According to wikipedia atom cpu guide. it will run 32bit, and MAY tun 64 bit. There were issues with the 64bit implementation so some,but not all motherboards support it.

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Thanx to all for the quick replies. Really appreciate it. I'll stick with my 12.04 version for now, and maybe later do the live install from USB. Provided I find the time. Though I must say that it does sound awkward that I brand new laptop should be outdated in terms of hardware regarding the support of ubuntu 12.10. I just bought the acer netbook recently, and it came with a rudimentary linux OS. One should expect that its hardware supports any linux OS. Anyhow, thanx again! :) – VBS Apr 5 '13 at 13:14

Do one thing. Take a live CD of any recent Linux OS and just try to run it from that live cd. You will get a good idea of how will it work after installation.


Yes, thanks for that. Use USB image writer to write an iso image to your USB then plug it in as usual

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Or use a USB stick, since that machine doesn't have an optical drive. – Bert Apr 5 '13 at 13:00

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