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Is there a way to just install latex packages with sudo apt-get install ?? like for and also the japanese and korean ones?

I'm on ubuntu 12.10.

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There is a package called latex-cjk-all it is a meta package that will install all the CJK Packages.

sudo apt-get install latex-cjk-all

You can see its description with

apt-cache show latex-cjk-all

Description-en: installs all LaTeX CJK packages
This package will install all CJK packages.
You may also wish to install each package separately instead.
See the latex-cjk-common package for a detailed description.

Had the latex-cjk-all package not been available, you could have also run

sudo apt-get install latex-cjk-*

This will install all packages starting with latex-cjk-

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