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I have been a linux user for 10+ years, and i just had my worst linux experience today with Ubuntu. Unfortunately, the ubuntu 12.04 installer does not ask me for the destination harddrive i want to install the rootfs on. Having a total of 4 drives on my PC, four normal sata drives, and one raid-1 1-terabyte drive. After clicking on "wanting to install ubuntu linux with windows", Ubuntu installer automatically reformat my 1-terabyte drive and install the os on there. I did not even have a chance to say NO. This is the worst ubuntu installer ever, it makes to much assumption for the user. I mind as well use windows instead if ubuntu was this dumb.

As the result, i lost 600GB worth of data. Ubuntu needs to fire the project manager who is responsible for the installer. It is trash. I promise not to use Ubuntu again.

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Install ubuntu alongside windows doesn't ask for hard disk location. It re sizes windows partition & install there. For such a complex configuration, I would always relay on Something Else option which let me create partition on my own. – Web-E Apr 5 '13 at 6:17

It is part of the Ubuntu philosophy that installing and maintaining the OS should be as easy as possible for novice users.

The default options from the installer are not suitable for fine tuning an installation or for an unusual set up but it will let you install Ubuntu without having to know anything on partitioning or setting up a boot loader. It even lets you install a dual boot when it finds a pre-existing OS.

In case you are an experienced user you may likely want to control the installation process in every aspect. To install Ubuntu to a hard drive other than the default boot drive just choose "Something else" on the menu that guides you through the installation process:

enter image description here

What we can not provide however is general precautions to take whenever we change a computer's hard drive structure, partition, or install a new operating system. The more experienced a user is the more they will know that before we install a new OS we desperately have to


our data to avoid losing them.

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