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I'd like to know how can I uninstall Mathematica from Ubuntu.

apt-get remove does not work.

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The link provides the following information:


To uninstall Mathematica, please remove the following directories. Please back up any documents that you want to keep from these directories:

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Also worth mentioning that one cannot use apt-get remove to uninstall an application for which apt-get install was not used to install it. –  dobey Apr 4 '13 at 18:51

Simply remove the installation directory (evaluate $InstallationDirectory within Mathematica to find it). Mathematica 9 is delivered as a self-extracting shell script, rather than a package.

If you asked the installer to create symlinks for the math, MathKernel, and Mathematica commands, e.g. in /usr/local/bin/ you could remove those as well.

You can backup the user setting in $BaseDirectory (/usr/share/Mathematica) and $UserBaseDirectory (~/.Mathematica) as desired.

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For Mathematica 10, the complete list of symlinks in /usr/local/bin should be MathKernel, Mathematica, WolframKernel, math, mathematica, mcc, wolfram –  giordano Mar 7 at 18:28

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