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I just installed Ubuntu 12.10 on an external hard drive and it is booting just fine. I have a Dell Latitude E6230 with an Intenl HD Graphics 4000 video display adapter.

For some reason, when this laptop is connected to my TV via HDMI and I boot in Windows 7, everything comes up just peachy and I can watch movies on the TV.

However, when I boot the laptop through the external hard drive and connect to the TV via HDMI in Ubuntu 12.10, I cannot get the display to work on the TV. I will get "Ubuntu" to come up temporarily, but then the TV just goes black when I select HDMI input source just like I did with Windows connected.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot/fix this? It's a shame that Windows 7 works and Ubuntu doesn't with the HDMI... I am very green with Linux/Ubuntu, so please be specific in your responses. Thanks.

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When trying to use the HDMI in Ubuntu, if you start the Terminal application and run dmesg | grep -i link in it, do you get any output? – dobey Apr 4 '13 at 14:04

lol I have same issue only the other way around My Ubuntu works just fine all the way into the loading screen. But when I use Vista it does not work and I have used it before but for some odd reason it does not work any more I even use the FN + F4 key and no good. I cannot be the dual boot set up because I used windows lonely an it didn't work.

Have you tried the key I have done without success, maybe it works for you.

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