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I'm trying to upload about 6,000 songs to Google Music on my Kubuntu 12.10 laptop and the Google Music Manager upon launch shows up in my taskbar for a bit and then disappears. I can relaunch it and the app will start, show up in my task tray for about 10 minutes (upload a couple of songs) and then disappear. Once it disappears it seems like the upload stops. Chrome shows 400 of 6K+ songs uploaded for a bit but never seems to finish uploading hte song until I relaunch the app. I did some googling and found a suggestion of going into my ~/.config/ directory and removing the google-musicmanager directory which I did and after doing so recreated all my settings but the issue stays.

Any ideas? I did read the "Google Music Manager stops downloading after a while question" that was asked as a similar question but that did not answer things.

Thanks in advance

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All of my music is on an external USB drive, I connected this drive to my Mac and started the upload and am having no problems with the upload to Google Music. So it appears the problem is related my Kubuntu laptop only, not quite sure what happened. –  jjesse Apr 18 '13 at 0:51

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