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I have a very abstract and possibly naive question, nevertheless I am putting it up -

I want to develop a Ubuntu lab in an institute, using a client server model. I want the individual clients to have windows 7 virtual boxes or some other application for virtual machine access. The problem I foresee is maintenance of windows VMs. How can we remotely manage, i.e. install uninstall monitor disinfect, windows virtual machines on individual clients through Ubuntu server ?

If someone can point me to relevant documentation , it will be great.

Thanks !!

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How many users will need access to Windows only software? I wouldn't install a Windows VM on every machine, I would setup a Remote Desktop Server. –  Simplexion Apr 4 '13 at 5:08
What is your need for having virtual Windows clients as opposed to bare metal Windows clients? Administration of a virtual Windows should not be different to bare metal Windows but asking this here is off topic as not related to Ubuntu. You may get better answers at serverfault. You also may find this question and answers there interesting. –  Takkat Apr 4 '13 at 7:07