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I am confused... So I am trying to install ubuntu on a netbook that has been plagued by viruses. The confusion I have is... I currently have an Imac that I am using to download ubuntu. I then want to mount ubuntu onto a flash drive from my Imac and then install it on the netbook. However, I am not sure if I follow the instruction guide for the OS of the netbook (windows xp) or the Imac I am using to download and convert it to the flash drive. Thanks!!

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Even though my first mac was an SE, I don't use them much now, so I'll just stick with a windows to ubuntu approach. Assuming your netbook boots, just download the ubuntu iso, go to PenDriveLinuxInstallerPage and use that. As to which ubuntu (32/64 bit) to install, that is a little more complicated. Most "netbooks" run the Intel Atom cpu, so this might help: Intel Atom Cpu List you can also check to see which version of windows (32/64 bit) you are running as a guide.

If figuring out which image to download proves too much, just try one, and when you boot select 'Try Ubuntu' if it works you'll be ok.

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