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a case of ... title says it all ?

  • In Nautilus' "Save As ... " dialog, how can I open a sub-folder using my keyboard (rather than the mouse) ?

thx !

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My usual method would start with Alt R (cf…), then using down-arrow to select a folder (or use Alt up to escalate a directory)... – nutty about natty Apr 3 '13 at 19:19
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From what I understand, you want to navigate through directories via the Gtk Save as dialogue. This is not possible by pressing [Enter], as it saves the file in the current directory.

Instead, use Shift+Space, after focusing on the correct part of the dialogue using the [TAB] key, and finding your desired folder using the arrow keys.

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You can enter the subfolder name in the Name field and use Tab for autocomplete.

Enter subfolder name in the Name field

Or if you don’t know the subfolder names, you can use and arrow keys to put the focus out of Name field. Then you can use Tab to focus on folder field, and press Enter to open a folder.

Put focus on folders

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Though feasible, it's feels a lot more goofy n clumsy than in the terminal; doesn't seem to outperform reaching for the mouse (or using the TrackPoint)... – nutty about natty Apr 3 '13 at 19:32

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