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I need to disable my laptop keyboard and use only my usb keyboard, to do this i uses the xinput set-prop command, and since my keyboard id is 16, my command is xinput set-prop 16 "Device Enabled" 0

but when O restart my computer, i need to re-enter the command again, and this is a problem because my internal keyboard has been acting crazy, how do save this changes??

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There are different ways of doing this. If you're absolutely sure the ID never changes, the easiest may be to put the line into Systems->Preferences->Startup Applications.

The canonical method seems to be editing udev rules nowadays. There's a Wiki page on this here.

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Edit the configuration file located in /etc/X11/xorg.conf . It handles input devices as well as displays

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My preferred way of doing this is by appending xinput set-prop 16 "Device Enabled" 0 to ~/.xprofile

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