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My system is: Motherboard : ZXI945LM4 Processor : Intel Pentium 4. 2.4 Ghz Ram : 3 GB

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You could run Ubuntu inside Ubuntu with that. :) – wojox Apr 3 '13 at 11:03

The minimum memory requirement for Ubuntu 12.10 is 768 MB of memory(RAM) ,

5 GB of HARD disk space for Ubuntu and Pentinum 4 processor

but for 12.10 you need highly graphic supported motherboad that may not support "ZXI945LM4".

so you can use external graphic card or use ubuntu 11.10 that can work.

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The graphics card can really be an issue. Afaik it's a GMA 950 chip, which is not well supported by Linux. – soulsource Apr 3 '13 at 11:35

You can try.

Download it here, and follow these installation instructions. If you are currently using Windows, follow these instructions in order to create a bootable usb stick with the ubuntu image. Alternatively you could burn the image to a DVD. How?

Then choose "Try Ubuntu" in the dialog if you have booted from the DVD/ USB Drive.

If Ubuntu don't support your hardware, try Xubuntu / Lubuntu, the hardware requirements are less.

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