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How can I open port 22 for Sparkleshare?

Every time I run dazzle create name_of_the_project (Sparkleshare) it gives the address but does no show the port as it should be.

Example: it shows: ssh://storage@ After (:) it should says 22, which is the port.

Why it is not showing the port? and how can I open the port in my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS?

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First check about availability of that port

sudo netstat -ntlup

the above command will list all the active listening ports.If the port number which you want is not active then you can open it.

lsof -i :8888

The above command will list the program If any application using that port 8888.If no process using that port then you can use that port . If any process using that port then you have to kill the process then only the port can be used.

to kill a process you can use command like

kill <pid>

hope that helps.

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Check your firewall, you may be blocking it from firewall.

First try to disable the firewall (sudo ufw disable) & check. If it works then you can allow it from firewall

Try this, sudo ufw allow 22

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