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I'm attempting to backport Clang 3.2 to Quantal from Raring. Thinking this would be a relatively painless process, I ran the following command:

backportpackage -s raring -d quantal -u ppa:george-edison55/clang3.2-backports clang

The package was uploaded to the PPA without any errors and built without any errors as well. Unfortunately, it cannot be installed because the debian/control file contains the following dependencies:

Depends: ... libgcc-4.7-dev, libobjc-4.7-dev ...

Those packages do not exist in Quantal. The contents of those packages is contained in the gcc-4.7 Install gcc-4.7 and gobjc-4.7 Install gobjc-4.7 packages instead. My problem is that I have no idea how to make the change before uploading the package to my PPA.

I tried instructing backportpackage not to upload to my PPA and dump the files in /tmp/clang3.2 where I edited them. However, attempting to upload the package simply results in the original .tar.gz being downloaded again and overwriting my changes.

What is the proper way of doing this?

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