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I'm using a samsung rv520 i3. Windows 7 crashed and fails to load past the initial windows logo screen. I am now using unbuntu 12.10 form a usb

I'm trying to find files i had saved on windows before windows crashed.

my problem is i can't find the files or windows partition anywhere. I'm not really competent using linux systems and using terminals so its not really that surprising.

can any one help?

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On the filemanager under "Devices" you will probably find your windows partions.

enter image description here

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Hit f8 try booting into safe mode and disable everything non m$$ by using msconfig, type that into run.

fdisk -l will list all partitions.

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No problem, what you might be looking for is your "c:" drive, right? You might want to poke around in "Volumen van 444 GB" (language?? -curious) and look for documents and settings, your windows user name, and look in there depending on your document,download,file location) that is a good start at least....

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My windows and ubuntu installation are dutch. But it means "partion of 444gb". if windows was english it should be "444 gb filesystem". – Thomas15v Apr 2 '13 at 6:56

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