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I have problem connecting to OpenVPN server. Where are OpenVPN log files and how do I find the connection details?

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in general, you can found configuration files on /etc/openvpn/ there was contained log files and your openVPN configuration –  Muhammad Sholihin Apr 1 '13 at 8:00

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If you are using the network manager plugin (network-manager-openvpn), look into /var/log/syslog

This should give you the last logs of openvpn:

$ grep VPN /var/log/syslog

Connection details are to be found in /etc/openvpn/

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By default, in most distros, OpenVPN log output goes to the syslog, which is usually at /var/log/syslog

However, your config files can set the logfile location explicitly, e.g.:

log-append /var/log/openvpn.log

This works for both OpenVPN clients and servers. OpenVPN config files are usually located in /etc/openvpn and usually named *.conf. server.conf is canonical; client config filenames are usually like <client name/>.conf.

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It is supposed to be in your home directory (home directory of the user whom executing it), eg ~. Running an ls -l command will perhaps reveal it. On the other hand, you may start openvpn with --debug option to capture what's happening realtime on the terminal.

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