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I'm trying to "try" Ubuntu on my Windows 7 laptop and I installed 12.10 to a USB stick. I changed my boot preferences to boot to USB first. It boots from USB and I get a screen that says "SYSLINUX 4.86 EDD 2012-18-13 Copyright (C) 994-2012 N. Peter Anvin et al" and it just sits there and doesn't go past that screen.

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possible duplicate of Not booting from USB or CD (SYSLINUX Message) – Eliah Kagan Aug 3 '14 at 11:50

1.) What application did you use to burn the image to the usb-stick? There are several programms out there (xboot, linux live usb creator, unetbootin, etc.), take a look at this site for more:

2.) Have you tried another Linux Distribution too?

3.) Have you downloaded the right version (32-bit/64-bit)?

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1) Did you md5sum check the downloaded iso? See Check the number against the listing in the link for your release listed at under the MD5SUMS link.

2) If using a CD/DVD, did you burn the disc as slowly as possible? See

3) Did you select the media check before trying to install?

4) Did you ever do a "memory check" (another live-media menu choice) on your PC? Doing the above can save you a lot of time struggling with a bad install media.

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Everything checks out good. I even re-downloaded and did some checking. All good. Still stuck. – Ben Mar 31 '13 at 18:51

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