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I am trying to sort out my Ubuntu photo workflow, and I wondered if anyone could offer some advice.

I store my photo library on an external HDD, which is on my desk at home. I would like to be able to import and process my photos on my local HDD, and then move them over to the external HDD when I get home. I would also like to be able to access a small thumbnail when not connected to the external HDD.

This seems like a problem which must be fairly common, but I've got no idea how to deal with it. Any ideas?

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This is a real problem, also for me. Once your disk is full, you need a solution... – Simon Feb 11 at 9:47

Take a look at gThumb. It is quite simple but yet very powerful underneath. It facilitates file system folder structure and has more on top of it (tags, catalogs, marks, batch processes, simple image editing, export/import). So it won't be a problem to manage PC photos and external HDD photos from one program and move them one way around.

As to having a set of small thumbnails I guess you gonna have to do some scripting, which is also possible in gThumb. I've never herd of anything like this.

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