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I just setup PHPStorm on Ubuntu and it says it can be accessed via the "System Menu" but I can't figure out where that is in Ubuntu 12.10.

I used gnome-desktop-item-edit to create a launcher icon. What is this system menu that is referenced and where can I find it?

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Have you tried pressing [Super] (which will open Unity launcher) and typing PHPStorm?

If you do, then try to find binary file. There are few commands which, I hope, will help:

$ sudo find / -type f -executable -name '*phpstorm*'

which will find every file with phpstorm phrase in it's name, or

$ which phpstorm

which will look for binary file in bin directories or

$ locate phpstorm

which will give you similar results to first command, but with non-binary files.

If you'll find binary, then use it's path in launcher creation.

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