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Its simple really, I would like to be able to run the auto installer I have downloaded from here:

I downloaded parallels_installer_v3.12.0_build120601.16_os_Ubuntu_10.04_i386 for my Ubuntu 10.4 32-bit.

I have added to folder path /plesk/parallels_installer_v3.12.0_build120601.16_os_Ubuntu_10.04_i386 but when i run: `/plesk/parallels_installer_v3.12.0_build120601.16_os_Ubuntu_10.04_i386' in the terminal nothing happens?

Clearly I have no idea how this should be installed... But this was my best guess.

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First you must allow the file to be executed:

chmod +x parallels_installer_v3.12.0_build120601.16_os_Ubuntu_10.04_i386

Then you can run the installer.

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Cheers very much. On the off shot,m you wouldn't happy to know why I might be getting 500 errors when plesk auto installer is trying to download files required for install? – Jamie Hutber Mar 30 '13 at 14:40
I have not tried to install it myself, so I don't know what errors are those. Does the program work? If so I would just ignore. If not then I can help you google it... Regards. – desgua Mar 31 '13 at 1:08

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