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How do I install Skype on Ubuntu 12.10 on a netbook with an Atom cpu

From the I tried to download skype for Linux version 4.1 gives you the ability to choose the distribution to match your system

The choices they give are:

Ubuntu 10.04 32 bit
Ubuntu 12.04 (multiarch)
Debian 7.0 (multiarch)
Fedora 16 32bit
OpenSUSE 12.1 32bit

I have tried the Ubuntu 10.04, Ubuntu 12.04, and Debian 7.0 but in every case the Ubuntu 12.10 Software Center refuses to install skype with the error message

"Wrong Architecture 'i-386' which is not all that surprising since this is an Atom based netbook.

Please advise me exactly what I should do to get Skype up and running on my 12.10 Atom netbook.

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Atom processors can support 64-bit or 32-bit processing, depending on the CPU and other devices. When you select Ubuntu 12.04, you should select the appropriate architecture build for your netbook. I'm not sure from your error message if you selected the i-386 build and have an x64 laptop, or you selected the x64 build and have a 32-bit laptop. Please try the opposite one of whichever you tried previously.

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