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I'm following the instructions on using the desktop installer to get Ubuntu on to my nexus 7, but it gets stuck on first boot on 'Applying changes' > Noting disappearance of ubiquity. When I click on 'Details' it's stuck on 'Purging configuration files for ubiquity ...'. It's sat there for an hour so far.

I have switched usb cable and reinstalled stock android (successfully) and tried again as suggested on the wiki page.

I have also tried the manual installing instructions and get a FAILED (remote: (InvalidSize)) error.

Any ideas where i'm doing wrong?

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I had exactly the same issue. I got round it by installing the image from this link:


I had to use an OTG cable and USB keyboard to do the installation (if I tried to configure the wifi then the keyboard stopped functioning - so I installed without specifying the wifi).

Once booted I found I could not apt-get update, the work around was to type:

cd /var/lib/apt
sudo rm -fr lists
sudo mkdir lists
sudo mkdir lists/partial

Then I could apt-get update and upgrade.

I hope this helps!


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