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I have a Shuttle SX58H7 computer (Intel X58 Express board, AMI BIOS version 08.00.16) with Intel Core i7 950 and GeForce GT 210 Silent (nvidia proprietary driver).

Under Karmic (64-bit), hibernation worked fine. Under Maverick, the computer goes to hibernation but when woken, USB and display don't come back and sshd doesn't respond, either. Sometimes when waking from basic sleep (as opposed to hibernation), sshd does come back and the computer can be reached from the network. IIRC, the regression happened when upgrading to Lucid.

Is there a know workaround that would restore the hibernation capability that existed under Karmic?

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  1. Add GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="acpi_sleep=nonvs" in /etc/default/grub
  2. Run sudo update-grub

Note: The above works in Ubuntu 10.10. However, it breaks hibernation in Ubuntu 11.04. In Ubuntu 11.04, make sure acpi_sleep=nonvs is not in the config and run sudo update-grub.

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