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I can't find an answer to this problem. I have 12.04 installed, did an upgrade late one evening and when I rebooted next day Ubuntu went as far as the desktop and then frize after about 10 or 20 seconds.

Alot of the advice I see on the forums assume a man has access to sudo and such tools. The only way I can successfully boot is using Rescatux. I have tried a live cd with 11.04 and 9.sonmething but that juist threw me out to a INITRAMFS screen.

SO as I understand it, the grub is working ok ( although I have a quiet splash, only Ubuintu 12.04 installed). The kernel must be loading the modules because keybvoard, mouse, cd drive initially work through hard drive boot.

Using Rescatux file manager, it shows that sda2 and sda10 are not mounted although all the other partitions are. In all I have sda1 ... sd10

My first question is where should my kernels be located? And second how do I boot from older kernel?

ANd mainly does anyone genuinely know whats going on here? I am not a computer wiz so please explain things without making assumptions!!

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If you need access to terminal commands, try opening tty1 with Ctrl+Alt+F1 before you log in. –  DaimyoKirby Mar 29 '13 at 13:32

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