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I previously had Ubuntu 12.04 x64 running dnsmasq & tftpd-hpa & nfs for PXE boot

I currently have Ubuntu 12.10 x64 running isc-dhcp-server & tftpd-hpa & nfs for PXE boot (from a clean install and everything is running satisfactory)

Before with my dnsmasq setup, I had these lines in /etc/dnsmasq.conf



I am hoping that I can be helped setting this ability on my new install.

I tried using

option domain-name 

option domain-name-server

with my new setup but it would not work though.

Is the only way to install bind9 and setup everything ?

I tried looking at tutorials but could not find anything to help me.

What this allowed me to do was when I loaded up a Live image from any box booting off the PXE and entered this address into a browser, it would show my local-only-website.

What this also allowed me to do was when I install a custom OS that fetched files from some.webserver.com during the installation, my pxe server (which is usually disconnected from WWW) would redirect it to my local-only-website and grab it locally (which I have a copy of all the files required)

I tried setting up bind9 however since my PXE-server is usually connected to local network only, I am at a lost at what to input when all the tutorials tell me to put in my ISP's dns address.

If someone can help that would be great!

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