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I seem to have a rare problem. I had Ubuntu 12.10 installed, and uninstalled it (I wanted to boot several distros).

Now my VAIO boots just fine to Windows 7. However, when I press F11 to install something from my DVD (other distros), I get "grub rescue>" and "Disk does not exist" and a long number.

I have tried a number of ways to get rid of the grub remainder that exist somewhere, but have not managed. I even have created a Boot-repair disk following instructions here, but since I can not boot from anything other than Window7, that doesn't work. And I can not - of course - boot from my Windows 7 image in a different partition and do a MBR repair either.

So I seem to be stuck. I have installed partion software, but I don't want to just delete partitions blindly hoping to get rid of Grub(grub2, I guess) either.

So what do I do? Do anybody have any experience with this kind of situation?

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