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No I am not a n00b... my touchpad is working, but I have run Ubuntu and several other linux (Centos, Fedora, etc) over several different laptop configurations (HP, Samsung, Dell...) and each and every time, I find getting a laptop touchpad to work is like voodoo black magic. You have to google for hours to find all the right tweaks to often times make it work.

Even then, after you shake your ju-ju sticks and sacrifice a few virgins (as is the case with my current Samsung), you still may end up with a touchpad that you "prefer" using a mouse to the touchpad over because it is too sensitive or un-sensitive.

At the same time, I have run Windows, and have had Macs and it seems like the touchpad experience with those machines is not as brittle as it is on linux.

So the purpose of this post is ask if there is a desire to aggregate into a single point of reference all of the tweaks (or maybe it exist) to make touchpads work in linux/ubuntu, and second how can we get touchpads being "cadillac" on ubuntu so that the experience is fully equal to any other OS?

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Could you ask just one question at a time and make each question a bit more specific? –  user25656 Mar 28 '13 at 15:57

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