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I have a simple app launcher script used to open a few apps in a ceratain folder on a certain workspace:

if [[ -n "$2" ]] 
        wmctrl -s $2

terminator --working-directory=$1 &
subl $1 & $1 &
chromium-browser &

when I run it:

petr@sova:~$ open_project work/dyme/ 4
petr@sova:~$ #### some message or whatever
#### the console hangs here, and I need to <ctrl>+c in order to use it again

How do I "escape" from the command and maintain a regular console prompt.

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If you'd like to for off subshells you can use the builtin


special characters to do so. To run them in the background use your


You can read more about subshells here : Subshells at TLDP Advanced Bash Scripting Guide

This would lead to

if [[ -n "$2" ]] 
         wmctrl -s $2

(terminator --working-directory=$1) &
(subl $1 )&
( $1 )&
(chromium-browser )&
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Unfortunately, that didn't help. The console still hangs. Any more ideas? – mreq Mar 30 '13 at 20:35
Yes. It'll help if you tell me if can you tell which command it hangs on ? For instance, does it show the chromium browser before hanging ? To be thorough with testing this. Append a final line to the script echo "Return to Shell" – OYRM Apr 1 '13 at 13:31
thanks for help, I'll give it a try once I get some time and will inform you – mreq Apr 1 '13 at 14:21

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