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I am not able to access the remote desktop initially but then i used remmina remote desktop client, on accessing through it and while logging on to the server the following dialogue occurs "the local policy of the system doesn't permit you to log on interactively"

what should i do now?

thanx in advance..:)

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can you provide more details what type or connection you are using and which remote system you are trying to access do the remote system is linux or not do you have ping b/w each other weather its a local connection or via internet ? explain your situation please –  Yousaf Ehsan Mar 27 '13 at 17:05
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This is simple to solve. In the windows server, you have to log on with administrative rights or u can use the admin account, as you prefer. Then, go to users and computers or users on active directory into the server and reach the user account with this problem. Choose the right "permit the user logon interactively on this server". That´s it. Let me know if you need some help. Maybe this article would help. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/289289#LetMeFixItMyselfAlways

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