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Apparent I should set LC_TIME to en_DK (why danish? I don't want danish months!) but nothing I've done manages to change the output of locale.

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What do you want to achieve? To change the format temporarily

$ date
Mon Feb 21 18:46:57 CET 2011
$ LANG=cs_CZ.utf8 date
Po úno 21 18:47:22 CET 2011

or permanently by putting the variables in /etc/default/locale?

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Permanently, but only the time format (24h), dd-mm-yyyy, not the language, and /etc/default/locale already contains LC_TIME=en_DK.UTF-8 but it doesn't affect the output of locale. –  Michiel de Mare Feb 21 '11 at 18:26
But why? The output of LANG=en_DK.utf8 date is the same as of LANG=en_US.utf8 date. Or you want something like date +%d-%m-%Y? –  arrange Feb 21 '11 at 19:10

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