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When i right click on one Directory there is move to action, and there is only two options, Home folder and Desktop

enter image description here

Is it possible to customize this action to many more or another one?

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This has been an idea on Ubuntu Brainstorm for quite some time now, so in short: no, there is no quick and easy way to change the actual Move To menu. See also this related question on AskUbuntu.

However, as mentioned, you can use Nautilus scripts to add this functionality. These are scripts that have to be placed in ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts and have to be executable. This way Nautilus will recognize them and add a Scripts entry in your right click menu. You could Google for some scripts providing what you want.

Alternatively, Ubuntu-tweak provides some Nautilus scripts (Open Ubuntu Tweak and go to: Personal ▸ Manage Scripts), one of which being Move To ... which will pop up a file selection dialog allowing you to pick the destination folder of the selected files. Note that a similar script is provided on the Ubuntu Wiki:

# To move selected files to a location

LOCATION=$(zenity --file-selection --directory --title="Select a directory") || exit

    if [ -e "$LOCATION"/"$(basename $FILENAME)" ];then
       zenity --question --title="Conflict While Moving" --text="File ""$LOCATION"/"$(basename $FILENAME)"" already exists. Would you like to replace it?"
       case "$?" in
          1  )  exit 1 ;;
          0  )  mv -f -- "$FILENAME" "$LOCATION" ;;
       mv -- "$FILENAME" "$LOCATION"

(copied here in case the wiki gets updated)

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I don't know about adding destinations to that menu itself, but Ubuntu Tweak can add an alternative move to option which presents a dialog to choose any folder as a destination.

To enable, in Ubuntu Tweak under Manage Scripts drag "Move to..." from the right pane to the left.

As you can see from the screenshot, this is an additional menu entry under a subfolder, so it isn't as seamless integration as would be nice, but it is useful.

enter image description here

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