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I was installing a file from the terminal and then hit F12 to minimize the terminal so I could get access to a text file. After I obtained the needed information, I hit F12 but the terminal wouldn't appear. The top bar said Terminator but no matter what I did it wouldn't visually appear. I ended up having to open another instance of the terminal reboot and not make that mistake again.

Is there a way to get the terminal to appear in a situation like this?

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You could have simply killed the process like so... (often useful)

sudo pkill -9 terminator

Back to the terminator problem... Did you right click on it to try to maximize it, did you accidently use roll-up instead? (roll-up has gotten me)

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I didn't want to kill it since I had something running. I went to the options and put it on full screen and it didn't show. What is roll up? How do you turn it on and off so I can test to see if that was the issue. – dustin Mar 27 '13 at 16:50

Very useful to unmark the "Hide from taskbar" option. Allows to gain access to your terminal from taskbar or tasklist when F12 pressed and Terminator doesn't show up.

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