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I was installing Ubuntu server the other night and I was not able to hook up to the network while installing because I don't have a monitor for my desktop machines. I had to go into the living room and connect to the HDTV instead. This leaves me without network connectivity.

When installing it asks how I would like to set up the network. I would like to enable DHCP but it tries to detect a gateway when I do this and obviously it doesn't find anything. It won't let me move on without setting up an IP manually at that point. Isn't there a way I can enable DHCP for the next time it boots up instead? Why the need for it right then and there?

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You could give bogus info for the initial setup, then once your system is installed, edit /etc/network/interfaces with something like:

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

(You'd replace eth0 if it's different from your interface, of course.)

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