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I am trying to use Ubuntu to recover my Windows XP password on an old computer.

I have the zip files and WinZip but how do I create an ISO image on a DVD?

I have Ubuntu 12.04.2 and 12.10 desktop

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Where did you get Ubuntu from (it does not usually come in a ZIP compressed file)? – Takkat Mar 26 '13 at 18:13
for what you want to do, I suggest using Ultimate boot CD. It has the tools you need to fix XP. – Ed Manet Mar 26 '13 at 18:16

First download the Ubuntu ISO file from the Ubuntu website:

If you're running Ubuntu on the PC your making the CD with then use Brasero Disc Burner(which I think is included).

If you're running Windows 7 then you can use W7's built-in ISO burner. If running XP then you can get Infra Recorder.

Keep in mind that these all require you have a CD-RW or DVD-RW drive in your PC.

Also if you just want to access password protected accounts on Windows XP then you can just use Kon-Boot to bypass the password checks.

If you really want to actually recover the passwords you'll need to use a tool like Ophcrack to actually brute force guess the password(which takes a long time).

If you wish to just change the passwords you can use Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor. (WARNING: Using this method could lock you out of Protected Folders that use the account's password!)

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When i burned the file it burned as a WINZIP chunk. What I am trying to do is get into my windows xp account but I forgot the password. Booting xp from old HD. Can't get to command line. Ubutu downloads not working the way I expect. There are other tools recommended here. Assume I can trust them all. – tom Mar 26 '13 at 20:08
@tom All the tools I've mentioned can be trusted. Make sure you download the ISO file and burn that using one of the Burning tools I mentioned, since I know those work. Some of the tools are provided in ZIP files that contain the ISOs. – japzone Mar 26 '13 at 20:26

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