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I know, this has been asked before ( Win 7 Ultimate won't run Ubuntu One: 'Getting information, please wait...' FOREVER ), and I have already tried out the suggested answer, but it didn't work for me.

The situation is really that simple: I start Ubuntu One, latest version (afaik, it just updated itself). The main screen is grayed out. A message is displayed "Getting information, please wait..." with a loading bar going back and forth all the time.

I have waited for more than an hour now. I have tried restarting it as administrator after killing all related process, but the situation remains the same.

I'm using Windows 7, latest updates. Any more information required?

Any suggestions?

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As far as I know this was a bug with previous version, but now it's solved. You can give a try to uninstall U1 and reinstall U1 again. – tuxtu Mar 29 '13 at 10:10

I have had the same problem for a few months, as bad as I have decided to just drop the software. A few months later, I found the win xp version has already been developed to 4.20 version, installed it numerous times, tried to completely remove and nothing seemed to work until I have deleted xdg folder under application data. It definitely worth a shot. I am on xp sp3 by the way.

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I had what seems to be the same problem under Win XP. All the linux clients worked perfectly with U1, but then I started to get the "Getting information, please wait" message under XP. Perhaps an update had happened secretly...or a long time ago and I had not started the client gui and so I had not seen the message. I think that the last client I installed was 3.0.2b.

I tried uninstalling and re-installing and it did not fix the situation. I deleted the ubuntuone and xdg directories under Local Settings\Application Data and then reinstalled 4.2. It started to work fine.

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