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I have a special thing: I want to share my scanner over the network. The scanner is connected to a Windows 7 machine, but I want to use it from Ubuntu 10.04...

I found some methods:

  • USB over Network - it can handle Linux > Windows; and Windows > Windows it has Windows (and Windows CE) & Linux server, but it has only Windows client, their Linux client is coming soon - that's a drag :( - it is not free, but what uses Windows, what is free?

  • USBip - to Linux > Linux, it is free, and nice

I'm looking for the other way, what can handle Windows > Linux thing... I prefer free things, but that thing is maybe not free...

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Try researching Samba solutions. –  Oxwivi Feb 20 '11 at 11:21
Thanks your suggestion, but what Samba solutions is available for sharing a scanner, not a printer... I know the printer is easy shareable(I already shared it), but that is a scanner(but it is a MFP - HP psc 2175) –  B. Roland Feb 20 '11 at 11:59

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"If you want to share with another Linux or Unix system, SANE alone should work. If you want to share with a Windows client, you'll need a Windows SANE front-end, such as SaneTwain."

Source: http://fixunix.com/smb/62684-sharing-printers-scanner-samba.html

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thanks, I'll try it... –  B. Roland Feb 22 '11 at 23:05

RemoteTwain mentioned above won't help you since client part is for Windows only. Although you can try CloudScan since it has SharedScanner component which is for windows only and CloudScan - web browser client which can be used on any computer from web browser supporting Silverlight. Installing SharedScanner you will be able to use your scanner from almost any device in network, including iPad, iPhone and Android devices, see their new version of CloudScan 3.0

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