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I run a process that sometime crash and sometime freeze. I used supervise to have it automatically restart when it crash. However, if it freeze, it stay frozen until I am back in front of the computer. I would like a tool that would restart it when it crash, but can also be configure to do periodic kill and restart, so if it freeze, it won't stay frozen more that a given period of time.

Which tool would who suggest?


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The process is a java process. pkill java won't work, since they are other java process I don't wish to kill. – Guillaume Coté Mar 26 '13 at 1:13
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I tried using supervise from daemontools with a crontab :

First, I start with

supervise /fullpath

and I use this crontab :

0 23 * * * svc -d /fullpath
2 23 * * * svc -k /fullpath
5 23 * * * svc -u /fullpath

Where fullpath is the directory containing the file called run which start my process. The tricky part is the file called should end with :

exec java ...

Normally, I start the application with a script, but if I put that script in the file called run, when svc is executed, it send the signal to the script and the java process continue to run. I created a copy of the script and modified it to make it output the call to java with all parameter, and copied this in the file called run.

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You could use cron to do this if you want...

sudo crontab -e

* /5 * * * pkill -9 <your process name here> ; <your process name here>

Would kill and restart it every 5 hours. More examples... Cron examples

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It would, but it won't supervise it. I want a tool that boot supervise it and restart it. – Guillaume Coté Mar 26 '13 at 0:12
pkill java might kill the wrong process. – Guillaume Coté Mar 26 '13 at 1:14

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