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I bought a new SSD to install it in my HTPC. Before, I had an HDD with Kubuntu. I would need to copy the files from the / partition from HDD to SSD. To do this, I booted from the Kubuntu livecd, mounted both disks and copied all the files over:

sudo cp -ax /media/hd /media/ssd

Following this answer: How to move Ubuntu to an SSD, I´m stuck with this step:

Then you just need to edit the /etc/fstab on the ssd to point to the new fs UUID ( you can look it up with blkid ).

I don´t know how to do it because if I try to edit the /etc/fstab on the SSD, it gives me an error telling me that there is no such a file or directory. I try this approach:

sudo nano /media/ssd/etc/fstab

because I mounted the ssd on /media/ssd in order to copy the / partition.

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If you pick up some cloning software about $20, you can move everything over to your SSD. All you need to do is have your keys for any licensed software.

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