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I'm working with a friend to run a virtual machine on a remote server and connect to it using VNC.

As he already have one VM on the :0 display, he put mine on the :1 display.


I tried to connect to the machine using various VNC client (remmina, tightvnc, krdc) and none seems to be able to connect to a display other than :0.

N.B. : I also tried virt-manager but it seems the gentoo server doesn't have the right version of netstat.

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For now, the only client that seems to support that is xvnc4viewer where I put in thue VNC server field :


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Remmina supports host{name,ip}:display. For example the server text field could hold which would connect, via VNC, to VNC display 1 (port 5901) on the host t

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