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I recently upgraded to ubuntu 10.10 , and installed the proprietary drivers for the ATI video card.Now when i go to change monitor from Mirror to individual or change the resolution it asks for me to log out and log back in , now when i do that it just reverts back to the same resolution and same mirrored preference which i don't want.Is there a way i can change it and keep it changed?

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i know how to change it ,but for some reason when i do go there and do change it and log out and back in it will revert back to its original settings. – Fusky Feb 20 '11 at 16:31

You can change your monitor settings by going to System-> Preferences-> Monitors and you should see available settings like this.

Monitor Preferences

Once you change any of the settings and hit Apply your settings will take effect without logging out.

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This is obviously a bit old, but if you are still looking for a solution try...

  1. Open up a terminal (ctrl+alt+t)
  2. Go to your config folder (cd ~/.config)
  3. Open up your file for editing (gedit monitors.xml)
  4. Your resolution will be listed here as <width> and <height>
  5. Change them to <width>1920</width> and <height>1080</height> - obviously if your resolution is 1980x1080! if not change them appropriately.

There is a more detailed description here... Ubuntu 11.10 dual monitor set up instructions

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did you execute sudo aticonfig --initial after the installation process? Otherwise xrandr can be the source of your problems.

edit: i forgot to post this link that can be really useful for anyone using the proprietary ATI driver

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