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I am trying to install Ubuntu on VirtualBox on my Mac OS X. I got through the whole installation process with out any problems. But, when it asked to restart the computer and it rebooted, it keeps asking to start the installation. At first, I thought this meant that the installation didn't work, but when while I began re-installing it asked if I wanted to install the new system alongside the old Ubuntu system that I had just installed.

How do I get my VirtualBox to load into the system I already installed? It just seems to only allow me to install again, but nothing else.

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Seems the the installation ISO/CD is still attached to the Virtual Machine and it is still booting from it.

Check your virtual machine settings and unlink the CD/ISO image.

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Open your VM > Devices > CD/DVD Devices > Remove Disk from virtual drive – Ahmadgeo Mar 24 '13 at 17:48

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