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i recently got a used printer (HP LaserJet 2200dn) that i try to use with Ubuntu 12.10. The thing is, that whatever i try, i cannot print pdf's (neither with Evince nor Okular). Printing from LibreOffice Writer works like a charm though. I do have the HPLIP toolbox.

Anyone any ideas?

Edit: I forgot to add that when i'm trying to print a pdf it actually prints two pages: one is completely empty, on the other it states:

ERROR: invalidaccess 
STACK: /SubFileDecode 
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I found a solution:

  • I've uninstalled hplip: sudo apt-get remove hplip
  • Delete the printer.
  • Add the printer again.

There is a bug inside the package hplip which is supposed to provide drivers for HP printers. Now it works but in another hand I do not have all the functionality for my printer.

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