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For some reason my Steam just broke today after working perfectly since I installed it a few days ago.

It was originally installed via the deb from the Steam site. So I uninstalled that using the Ubuntu Software Center. Then I installed steam-launcher. When I run it from the menu it does nothing at all. When I go through terminal it gives this message, no error:

$ steam/usr/bin/steam: 
line 196: /home/andrew/.local/share/Steam/ Success

So I purge-removed it and removed the .steams directory from my home directory but on re-installation its the same story.

I am using Xubuntu 12.10 64bit.

It appears that steam .local/share/Steam/ is blank. What is it meant to have in it? I am so confused with how reinstalling it doesn't fix it.

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apt-get install steam

fixed this after deleting




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I also had an empty To solve it I did the following:

  1. Delete /home/user/.local/share/Steam/
  2. Run /usr/bin/steam
  3. Maybe you'll need to install some missing library (in my case I did, but can't remember which one - terminal window closed too soon. Sorry.)
  4. Missing content ( will be downloaded again.
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